Viewfinder CD/Poster - Toby Jepson

Viewfinder CD/Poster - Toby Jepson

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Re-mastered compilation of songs curated from Toby Jepson's solo back catalogue in card wallet, features four previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Includes Viewfinder A4 poster print.


1. Better off dead
2. Unwind
2. Back in the day
4. Dear Mama
5. When will we learn
6. Viewfinder
7. Forgiveness
8. Happy ever after
9. Motivated
10. Raising my own hell
11. Four letter word
12. Twisted Rhapsody
13. Crush (original version)
14. Weight of the world
15. The Chosen one
16. Just no way to stop from loving you

Bonus tracks

17. Little Bird
18. Overwhelming me
19. Losing side
20. Picking up the pieces

A4 poster printed on 200/250 gsm card.

Please note these items are despatched directly from our merchandise warehouse and cannot be signed by Toby. Please bring to a live gig when it is safe to do so and Toby will be happy to sign these posters for you.