Ignorance Is Bliss - Toby and the Whole Truth (CD + Poster)

Ignorance Is Bliss - Toby and the Whole Truth (CD + Poster)

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Re-mastered 25th anniversary edition of Toby's debut solo album 'Toby and the Whole Truth - Ignorance Is Bliss' in card wallet, featuring previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Includes Ignorance Is Bliss A4 poster print.


1. Some People Are More Equal Than Others
2. Better Off Without Me
2. Slipping Through Your Fingers
4. Haven't Got The Strength To Carry On
5. The Wind Blows Hard
6. All Heal In Time
7. I Won't Be With You
8. Save Me From Myself
9. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
10. Harder All The Time
11. Open Your Mind

Bonus tracks

12. Get Your Feet On The Ground
13. Spiritually Bankrupt

A4 poster printed on 200/250 gsm card.


Please note these items are despatched directly from our merchandise warehouse and cannot be signed by Toby. Please bring to a live gig when it is safe to do so and Toby will be happy to sign these for you.